Mercredi 13 juillet 2011

you send me to the site on the road

Nikes Shoes should lose. That time, you send me to the site on the road. First, have you heard my brother travel long distances to see me. That time, you extremely dissatisfied expression. First, you can go through my notes. That time, you walked into my dream. The first, and then you leave in my eyes. That time, my right position remains empty. First, you glide in the rain glass window. That time, you never sang in front of others singing. Cross the bridge, you are at the other end, the tall figure, quietly moving Nike Dunks towards a direction. I was here, turn around, met ... ... transparent texture, glass of your mind. Quiet patch of youth across the sky, there is me, where you are. The glass filled with thoughts, the bright radio in full bloom, there you have my story. Do not have time to read about, do not have to watch the place. I am, you will come. I went to, you will be in. Youth, always in the possession of needles Kam. When it arrived, no preparation. When it go back, silent. Fiber street date, you still in my wilderness north, to Cheap Nikes Shoes the same position, stand silent. Old dream, I am still your southern of the other, to the same kind of attitude, a smile. Can not thing of the past, is youth. Can not be repeated, is memory. Rare, is willing to guard each other's little secret people. A person, still in this city, not wait for you, nothing to love, but less than love. But than the situation really, deeply than love. Unfinished story, the beginning of no end, nor the beginning of the story, you, me, a city, jealously guarding!Nike Basketball Shoes Repeatedly over days, along with the happy, lonely, happy, sad, calm, loss, tears, smile ... ... wide range of expression, a variety of mood, but still unable to get that no matter where, After a long, but still does not become the only Fengyun like Nike Store to avoid heart. The only song to listen quietly crying over the song "youarenotalone", does not need to know the meaning of the lyrics then knock on the heart, deeply shaking. Since you left, people around come and go, stop waiting, but I can not feel have not felt there. youarenotalone, can I still alone.Cheap Nike Women Running Shoes|Discount Nike Women Running Shoes|Women's Nike Free Run Black Pink
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behind a land of infatuation

Air Max 2010 behind a land of infatuation, but you have already lost in the maze of love, do not know which is exported, which is another a dead end. When long for disaster, love or hate, are no longer important, you want him, read him and let himself drunk, let their dreams, knowing that the fantasy, knowing so that they are useless, powerless, it is regrettable that early love of the heart does not belong to himself. Is a morning, every night, you will say to yourself, tomorrow is a new day, forget it, Max 95 forget it. Can be accompanied by early morning wake up, you still would say, early ah, I woke up, you, still asleep way to go, right? This is how long for, is a disaster, or happiness?Perhaps the beginning of the story is not started. Perhaps the end of the story is not ending. This city has been in. But, you Air Max 90 forgot to when the road. Eighteen years old, are you my time was young, I carry you in the city, began a pure journey. Very fortunate that way, have your companion! Doomed struggle, no matter how hard to break away, are doomed. Pure blue rain, the sky has been accompanied by that time, you and I sprinkle Air Max Pas Cher clean and transparent heart, no impurities. Busy city, you and I did not break up, side by side, but after the street, your hand-foot dancing picture, vivid. You looked at me, the streets in large and small edge wear, and you figure, but never left my sight. Did not you say, you will not it? I no longer speak, a person, not react, you turn to leave. I know there is someone behind me. I thought, I can not think of it. Yes, I do not want to go to memories. When one segment of a certain phrase, Chaussure Nike Air Max the speed of light into my eyes, you will reach the magic ride my memory. And I, only, smile! Have you, what memories are beautiful! The first time, you held my hand tight pull. That time, your duplicity. First, you say INike Air Max 90 pas cher|Femmes Nike Air Max 90 Gris rose|Nike Air Max 2010 pas cher|Chaussures Nike Air Max 95 pas cher
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